Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Drawing Shop

So as not to clog up my blog with drawings, i've thrown together a Big Cartel to sell some drawings that are in need of a new home. I'm attempting to raise some money for my move to London and this seems like a good way of doing so! There are drawings to suite every budget and I'll be adding a few more soon.
  While I'm here I should say that my etsy shop is due to close for a month in the next couple of days- time to get your order in!

Monday, 29 August 2011

Zine Update

There are healthy handful of new & reprinted zines in my shop as of right now! Above is 'Thursday' a zine about finding a way out of yourself (you'll have to buy it to see what i mean by that) which I did in a day and a half a couple of weeks back.

And this is 'In an Art Gallery' which is a zine version of this comic type thing I did a while ago (in b&w i'm afraid).

ALSO! This is a zine I threw together this afternoon as part of a one and a half hour zine challenge. Its not great but I finished it so I should get points for that!

Friday, 26 August 2011

I've Zine You

This Sunday & Monday I'm going to be at this with some zines and books and other printed things for sale. It all takes place at the Book Trust, 55 High Street, Edinburgh between 10am-6pm. As well as myself you'll also be able to pick up treats by the incomparable Eleni Kalorkoti, the unstoppable Robbie Porter and the unmatched Louise Smurthwaite- all good folk deserving of your hard-earned pennies. I promise. 

  This is going to be my last Edinburgh event for a long time so please come by and say hello!

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Swim Poster

There's now a poster print version of my 'swim' comic in my etsy store- a bargain at £6!

My shop will be closing at the end of August whilst I re-locate to London. Hopefully it'll reopen in October!

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

The National Museum of Scotland

The National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh re-opened recently after a lengthy refurbishment and it was more than worth the wait. The main hall has been beautifully updated whilst retaining the Victorian charm that makes it one of the most beautiful public spaces I've been in. I heartily recommend a visit (and not just to the showstopping natural history room that seems to be getting all the attention, the ancient egypt room is great too!). Below are some (very basic) wee sketches I did on a visit a couple of weeks back.

Friday, 12 August 2011

Festival frivolities

I have been horrifically neglectful on the blog front this past week. I had grand plans. I should have known I couldn't live up to them! Here in Edinburgh we're a week into the festival (the biggest arts festival in the world for those that don't know) and I'm already shattered. I've been to eleven shows so far (top three being Thom Tuck, David O' Doherty and Tim Key, oh wait and Josie Long, and Humphrey Kerr, thats five. I've become a stand-up comedy addict.) and have a load more to come over the next three weeks. This being my last full month in Edinburgh it feels good to be cramming it full of fun activities. 
   Above is an illustration for the Eastwing blog about living in Edinburgh during the festivals. Every spare square inch of space is turned into a venue or exhibition space and many locals rent out their flats to tourists and performers for the month. As a result you can find yourself living next door to an experimental theatre group, a gaggle of student comedians or perhaps a dance troupe keen on late night rehearsals! (see it up close on flickr)

Next week the goal is do some posts on my favourite Edinburgh things. I'm sorry that this might be quite dull but I don't have time for much drawing at the moment so it's all i've got! Sorry!