Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Illustrative treats

Becky Walker has some really lovely drawings on her site. Plenty of pencil work which is pretty ace by my book. She is also a secondary school art teacher. Can you imagine having had an art teacher who made such sweet work? So cool.

I wanted going to post about Patrick Gildersleeves today and Jez beat me to it. But I'm going to plough on regardless as I think his work is great. Winning colour combinations every time and some super cute animal things. He has an etsy shop too. All the cool kids do.

Monday, 29 September 2008

Back To School

(above eca on flickr)
Today we started back at college for our fourth and final year. As the mild panic subsides I'm actually quite excited about the whole thing (perhaps less so about the dissertation part but the degree show for sure) and I can't wait to get stuck into my major final project stuff though I have no idea what that may be. There are some amazing things being planned for the near future but I'll let you know those as and when they occur for now I hope to start posting more work related things and sketches and so on.

I was very happy to see that one of my favourite blogs Design Is Mine had included on of my prints in a haul of lovely things available on etsy.

Tina Fey does a pretty mean Sarah Palin.

Friday, 26 September 2008

New Prints in the Shop

The Grizzly Bear prints and some extra special custom prints are now available in my shop.

Thursday, 25 September 2008

For a Friday Afternoon

I wasn't going to post this as its been everywhere over the last few days but its too good to pass up. 'Silent World' is a wonderfully serene (yet occasionally ominous) series of photos by Michael Kenna. This one looks likes a drawing (a drawing that I wish I drew) with the texture of those posts so rough against the snow.

How amazing are these log bowls from Loyal Loot? All of those colours look so great together.

Le Blog De Betty is a lovely (and not too intimidating) style blog.

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

New Goccos

We had a bit of a gocco session this afternoon and these are the fruits of my labour. The bear crest type things is a thankyou card to go out with print purchases and so on and the big grizzly bear print I'm not quite done with yet but will soon be for sale in my shop.

Monday, 22 September 2008


Hurrah! New tote! I love me a tote. I have far too many but they're just so useful that more can never hurt. This one is from Smil.

I just stuck a few photos of some of the nice things around our flat on Flickr.

Sunday, 21 September 2008

'A Sad Country Ballad For A Tired Superhero'

Uhuh. (from The Quiet Life)

THIS trailer made me cry with laughter. I know I know. I'm a bit of a child but seriously its utterly ridiculous.

I am enjoying ungtblod.

Saturday, 20 September 2008

'Knock Loud I'm Home'

I'm borrowing the map that jez used to illustrate the fact that we have just travelled halfway across the country from our respective family homes in South Devon to Edinburgh where I'm due to start my fourth and final year at ECA and Jez is freelancing from our nice new flat. Its good to be back. Yes it is.

A photo of my cat? Alas I am truly tragic. Anyhow I just a new camera and I was playing with my (very old and very grouchy) cat before I left so here he is. My sister is convinced he is going to die whilst we're both away at Uni and whenever she leaves home she asks him not to.

Finally...Andrew Holder has all sorts of incredible illustration skills and I am sad to be in the wrong part of the world when his new show 'Neon Frontier' takes place in the Hibbleton Gallery in California through October. The poster looks ace and is surely representative of all the wonderful things he'll have on show.

Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Sons & Daughters Of Hungry Ghosts

This is a reworking of an old image that I had lying about on m hard drive. Its fun to find new life in things that seemed to have no particular purpose.

lots of lego treats from Band Of Outsiders

Tuesday, 16 September 2008


I got a lovely email today from Carly at Wilkintie who run a lovely little letterpress print project based on the sort of magical illustrations we fondly remember from childhood. This first print is from Niels Oeltjen and its available to buy now. I love the quality of letterpress prints and this one is really fun with loads going on. Thanks Carly!

Monday, 15 September 2008

Back from the End of the Road

I arrived back at home today after three days soaking up the loveliness at End of the Road in Dorset. What a perfect way to cap off a rather wonderful summer. It was great to spend a few days in a beautiful place (the Larmer Tree gardens where the festival is held is home to peacocks and parrots and quaint folley type constructions and some pretty massive trees) with some nice people listening to some of our musical favourites (thanks to Woodpigeon who made is possible for us to go for free!).
Far from this being a music blog I would really like to share some of the best bits with you because there really was some super special music going on. Please excuse my inadequate writing and aimless rambling.
For me friday really belonged to Laura Marling. Its easy to criticise a singer like Marling ('she's too young to know what she's singing about', 'she's too obvious' etc etc) or to have preconceptions about what her music may be like (It really would be wrong to lump her with the droves of female singer songwriters clogging the charts) when in actual fact she deserves far more respect than many fashionable indie types would be ready to admit to (I will admit to being an occasional music snob). Her voice was flawless and endearing and she never hit a superfluous note. I stand by my belief that Night Terror (which you can download here) is one of the best songs of the year.
Saturday Bon Iver won for me although a more than honourable mention goes to the Bowerbirds whose album I've been listening to for a year now I think and it still hasnt lost its inescapable charm. Anyway Bon Iver was incredible. There have been innumberable folk praising the soaring wonder of Jordan Vernon's album 'For Emma, Forever ago' and I was fairly sure the live show couldn't live up to how much I loved the record and yet he managed it and more. That guy's voice is astounding and frequently heartbreaking and as the whole audience sang 'what might have been lost' at the end of Wolves (act I & act II) it was fairly obvious that every single person stood in that garden was completely in love.
Finally Sunday and The Mountain Goats. Oh god the Mountain Goats. They were always going to be the best bit for me and they didnt dissapoint in the slightest. They played No Children! Yes! John Darnielle sings songs about awful, sad, horrible things with so much enthusiasm and childish joy that they become triumphant and wonderful without ever losing sight of the sadness and frustration that they were born of. Its a pretty special thing when every song an artist plays feels like an old favourite. Amazing.
Anyway that was my weekend. I hope you enjoyed yours too!

Thursday, 11 September 2008

End Of The Road

Hurrah! We're off to End of the Road Festival early tomorrow morning so blogging will be suspended for a few days while we enjoy all manner of musical treats and a nice slice of Dorset countryside. Have a nice weekend!

(photo from flickr somewhere...I've lost the exact location though)

And I would Travel Just By Folding A Map

This collection of maps of the Alluvial Valley of the Lower Mississsippi River were made by Harold Fisk in 1944 and they're incredible. Well worth a look (and you can download a pdf of all over them here)

via Camilla Engman

Monday, 8 September 2008

Postal treats!

AARGH! I'm so bloody excited. I just came back from a lovely weekend with Jez only to find that I'd managed to pile up the greatest haul of post ever over the three days. First off Julie sent me over a copy of our issue of Running Amok and it looks great! There are photos on my flickr.

The main event was a package from those Tiny Showcase folks Shea'la and Jon. Not only did I get a fair few of my own 'Mary-Ann' shirts (in both colours!), a copy of my print (I cant believe how perfect the colours are) but also one of the new Ray Fenwick shirts that came out the other week! AMAZING.

Thursday, 4 September 2008

Darling Dont You Go And Cut Your Hair

I am in dire need of a haircut. I caught the back of my head in a mirror earlier and was shocked to see just how much my ridiculous mane has grown. I am so useless at the hairdressers (mainly because I have to take my glasses off which renders me completely oblivious to the world around me) and I never know what to do. I used to let my flatmate do it (she had no experience she just liked chopping away) but she's off on a global adventure so I really should suck it up and get it cut. Any suggestions?

(normal NON self indulgent posts will resume soon)

Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Gustavsberg's Bersa Ceramics

I had a bit of a swoon in the Stockholm Nordiska Museet when I saw the Gustavsberg Bersa Teapot. So imagine my delight when I found out (albeit it rather late) that the company had relaunched the iconic leafy design (by Stig Lindberg) this year. I would love to see it sat amongst my burgeoning collection of tasty mugs.

Alas at $90 the cup will never be mine. Perhaps a ring or a pin would be a suitable (and far more affordable) subsitute. All available from Huset.

Church As A Witness

Finally developed some of my holiday photos. Flickr yo!

Monday, 1 September 2008

This Side of the Blue

I lovelovelove this midnight blue soopascarf from Yokoo on etsy. Suddenly I really want to get knitting.

Printed awesome from Tugboat Printshop

nice things on etsy from a view to. (that delft necklace, sigh)

oh i love this too