Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Illustrative treats

Becky Walker has some really lovely drawings on her site. Plenty of pencil work which is pretty ace by my book. She is also a secondary school art teacher. Can you imagine having had an art teacher who made such sweet work? So cool.

I wanted going to post about Patrick Gildersleeves today and Jez beat me to it. But I'm going to plough on regardless as I think his work is great. Winning colour combinations every time and some super cute animal things. He has an etsy shop too. All the cool kids do.


littlemithi said...

Both of whom have exhibited in Bristol (I think Becky Walker might even be from here? The Honest Four exhibition was mostly in Bristol...)

Both their works even better in real life!

Lizzy Stewart said...

Ack bristol seems to be getting all the tasty stuff at the moment what with the spike island zine fair and these two as well. i forgot to say thanks for picking up one of our running amoks. THANKYOU MITHI.