Thursday, 19 January 2012

Inspiration stations!

So! In the spirit of recapturing my blogging glory days I thought I'd do a wee post about whats inspiring me at the moment....

Cornelia O'Donovan has been on my list of favourites for a long while. She's done a load of really lovely stuff recently.

This exhibition at the Wellcome Collection featuring an array of strange old charms and amulets, each with its own strange significance. Its small and free and definitely worth your time if you're kicking about Euston. It also prompted a total change in direction for my master's course major project. More on that soon-ish. 


Music! Over the last six months I've had a few records on constant rotation by some pretty awesome ladies. Wye Oak (above), Lia Ices and, of course, the unstoppably incredible tUnE yArDs who I'm very excited to be going to see again next month. 

And finally this lovely sketchbook image from Grady McFerrin. I've had (and adored) a Stephen Malkmus poster by him years and whilst I love his more polished style there is something about this inky wonder that makes my hand itch for the paintbrush and some urgent splashing.

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

A sheepish return

(I don't know who these people are but don't they seem to be having a nice time?)

Oh gosh. It's been a while eh? I'm sorry. I guess after I moved to London and started my course the non-internet world sort of interfered with my blogging habits. Anyway! I'm back now, you can all breath a hefty sigh of relief! Happy New Year! I hope 2012 is kind to all you and sees you having all manner of adventures, I, for one, intend to be better in every way this year, a small and totally manageable task, I think!?

For those that are interested you can follow my daily life in a scruffy drawn format here, in my illlustrated diary. Its ended up being far more popular than I anticipated, so thanks for that. I'll be releasing a zine version for every month of drawings. Thats the plan, the slightly daunting plan. 

At present I'm working on new things with the intention of showing you a tonne of new stuff at the end of the month. January is always awful and I find keeping my head down and working through it tends to get the damn month done quicker! In the meantime I'm nearly out of Toskas so if you want one of those best get a move on. You can also buy stuff by me and a handful of gloriously talented people at tasty new online shop/collective Many Hands. I heartily recommend stopping by for a nose around (my stuff is here)

(I remain depressingly active on twitter. You can, if the mood takes you, follow me here)