Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Etsy Update! Long overdue.

FINALLY! I've managed to add new stuff to my shop (which is now re-opened). Hurrah! Here's a quick run down of whats newly available......

 My planner for Little Otsu came out recently. Its illustrated throughout and incredibly useful to have in your bag! If you're in the US i recommend you buy direct from Little Otsu, UK/Europe folk should go to my listing instead (as postage will be kind to you).

A4 giclee print of my dinner table drawing. This is a summery one to bring colour to the gloomy winter months! 

 A4 grid 'Evening' drawing print. Wintery and dusky in greys and pinks.
 Pack of three 'Bookish Girl' blank greetings cards. For the literate lady in your life!

A motivational message for someone you believe in in the form of a blank greetings card. Yay!

Plus all the prints and things that were in my shop before. I'm out of zines at present but I'm hoping to add some more again soon. 

Also- if cards are your thing I did another six for Betty & Dupree recently. On sale now.

Friday, 7 October 2011

I've been in London just over two weeks now and have managed to stumble through my first week at university unscathed! Now that things are beginning to settle down hopefully I can get into the swing of things with blogging again (although we still dont have an internet connection so it depends when my local coffee shop gets fed up of me!). 

  Next week my shop will open for business once again so be on the lookout for that! 

Above is me and Jez at the beach in South Devon last weekend. So glad we got to take advantage of the brief indian summer we got in the UK. He's got an exciting announcement over on his site. Its all change for us at the moment!