Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Four Days in Iceland

 Last week I spent four days in Iceland, mostly in Reykjavik, with three of my closest friends. Somewhat predictably I fell totally in love with the place (Mountains! Ice! Multi Coloured Houses!)
and am now having a proper sulk about being back in London. 

  I did a fair bit of drawing whilst I was there and the drawings are now crammed into a zine which you can pre-order here (it'll ship next week once its back from the printer.). Pre-orders come with a postcard print of this drawing from a couple of years back. 

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Four Days in Brussels

I went to Brussels a couple of weeks ago and drew a load of pictures as I pottered about the city. The drawings can now be found in this 24 page zine. 

Monday, 4 March 2013

Drawing/Painting Sale

Haven't done one of these in a wee while. Below are a load of drawings and paintings that need new home. If you're interested in purchasing anything send an email to lizzy (at) and include where you live so that I can work out the postage. I can only take payment via paypal know...thats how the internet work I guess. 
 New Dress- Ink- £14

 Shelves- Watercolour- £28

 St Basils- SOLD

 Plant Pots- SOLD

 Climbing Frame- Watercolour- £20

 Schoolgirl- Ink- £14

 Schoolboy- ink £14

 Hat- Pencil- £14

 Great Bear- Pencil- £38

Sit Down- Watercolour- £35

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Comic Book Slumber Party

AHOY! This wednesday I'll be talking at the Comic Book Slumber Party as part of the Bath Literary festival. I'll be talking with the excellent Philippa Rice about self-publishing and making a living from drawing pictures and whatnot. It might be the very least it'll be distracting. There are a load of amazing people taking part (Gemma Correll, Donya Todd and Wai Wai Pang to name but three) and the whole day is totally and utterly free...which is pretty flipping great if you ask me.

You can book tickets to my talk here  and find out more about whats on here.