Thursday, 27 May 2010

Drawing Sale Mark 2

A couple of months ago I put a collection of drawings on here for sale and guess what? I'm at it again. In a bid to become less precious about things and to not cling onto drawings for years and years I'm selling the works below to whoever wants them. If you're interested in purchasing anything please send me an email to lizzy (at) and I'll sort it out! Oh and paypal only please folks!

'The Men Who Built Magnitogorsk' SOLD

"This is Kansas before the cyclone hits" mounted drawing (l50cmx50cm) £45

'Aleksandr' SOLD

"She laughed enough to migrate an entire flock of birds" SOLD

"I have become an aerial view of a coastal town' SOLD

"They were like bear and we were like deer" SOLD

Monday, 24 May 2010

Buy buy!

Whilst I can't yet post any work stuff this week (although there is a lot to show you) I thought maybe I'd do a quick fantasy shopping post. So! If I had money to spare right now here's what I might frivously invest in...
Happy summer sandals from Camper.

Perfect black and white tee from the always incredible Mociun.

Ace watch from Uniform Wares (every single colour is ace)

'Popville' a splendid looking book by Anouck Boisbrobert

and everything on my svpply list please!

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Around & About

My gosh. It seems like i write these 'back in edinburgh again' posts all the time. But here we go! I'm back in Edinburgh again after a trip the glorious south to attend the Pavement curated ATP at Butlins in Minehead followed by a few days at home with the parents. Above is the beach at Minehead where Jez and I (wisely) chose to watch the sun go down rather than endure a set by the Fall.

Its been a lovely sunny weekend here and the other night we went for a magical late evening around nearby Blackford Hill. We're so lucky that our new place is close to the Blackford, its so beautiful and peaceful and there are myriad wooded paths to wander not to mention an amazing view from the top.

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

New Work

New print on sale very soon! If you're in Edinburgh on Saturday it'll be on sale with all sorts of other things at the Springtime Jamboree Craft Fair at the Roxy. In the meantime if you're one of the next three people to buy something my shop you'll get this tree tower for free!

Oh and I made some new cards too!

A little illustration I did for the Eastwing news page marking the birthday of the British National Gallery.

Coco & Claude

On Sunday Verity and I put up our window display in, quite frankly, the best chocolate shop in the country. Coco of Bruntsfield is filled with all manner of edible revelations not to mention incredible hot chocolate (my favourite being white chocolate with lavender and lemongrass.yum).
Anyway our window was based on their super cool tattoo chocolate box so we went for a 1900's tattoo theme and uh here it is! More photos of claude's (thats his name) development on flickr.

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Back again!

Hello gang! I'm back. After an unintentional hiatus in which i went south to Brighton (lunch with collage queen Seiko Kato) then to London to see Jez and his Evening Tweed cohorts steal the show at Pick Me Up. If you were lucky enough to see the massive show at Somerset House you will have seen Evening Tweed's wonderful hunting lodge style room (above) filled with tasty prints and comfy chairs. Oh and this fella...

Then I came back here to get on with work for an impending project with
Verity. The results of which you'll see on Monday I hope! Only hours after my return my laptop cable gave up on life and rendered me computerless for 5 days while I waited for a new one! Alas alack etc. Anyway I'm back in the digital work now and hopefully I'll manage a slightly more regular blogging schedule once again. New work on its way but in the meantime I posted all of the images from my Dead Landscapes zine on my website.

If you're in Edinburgh next weekend I'll have stuff for sale at the
Made In The Shade Springtime Jamboree at the Roxy on Saturday. I'll have a joint stall with the unstoppable Lindsay Grime. Alas I wont be at the fair (i'll be at
ATP in Minehead) but Verity has stepped up to the mark and will be holding the fort for me. She'll be bringing a few of her lovely prints too! Phew...that was a long one. As you were.