Thursday, 20 May 2010

Around & About

My gosh. It seems like i write these 'back in edinburgh again' posts all the time. But here we go! I'm back in Edinburgh again after a trip the glorious south to attend the Pavement curated ATP at Butlins in Minehead followed by a few days at home with the parents. Above is the beach at Minehead where Jez and I (wisely) chose to watch the sun go down rather than endure a set by the Fall.

Its been a lovely sunny weekend here and the other night we went for a magical late evening around nearby Blackford Hill. We're so lucky that our new place is close to the Blackford, its so beautiful and peaceful and there are myriad wooded paths to wander not to mention an amazing view from the top.

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robbi said...

Wow - that last photo made me even more jealous, which I didn't think was possible. Lovely!