Saturday, 26 January 2013

Quiet Wilderness

The work I did for 'The Call of the Wild' is now on my website. These drawings and paintings focus on my immediate surroundings; the corner of South London that I live in. It is relatively quiet and somewhat neglected around the edges. From our bathroom window your eye can follow a tangle of hedges and fences upwards towards chimneys that stretch towards Battersea. Whilst not 'wild' in the traditional sense this place, to me, has a kind of wilderness quality found in the falling fences and peaceful streets, as though it is waiting to be discovered.

Monday, 21 January 2013

Call of the Wild

I have some new work in this show that opens in Hackney on Thursday and runs all weekend. There are a healthy handful of great artists involved so if you're in town then pop along and have a nose around!

Friday, 18 January 2013

Colossal update

WOAH. I let this blog languish somewhat eh? Oops. I'm going to catch you up RIGHT NOW. Sit tight, its about to get link heavy. 

I moved house! I can now be found hibernating through winter with talented lasses Ping Zhu and Eleni Kalorkoti and clever chap Otto Boreson. Today this is the view from my window.

I'm still at Central St Martins working on my masters degree. If you want to pitch in with some of my research visit here... or look at some sketches from the project (waaaay more to come in the future) here.

I updated my website a bit. There's new stuff dotted all over and a load of old stuff is gone. Hopefully in the coming months it'll be totally spruced up. Its good to purge the old stuff, the things that don't feel relevant. New year! 

AND FINALLY. My shop has relocated. Its here now and there are new prints and cards and whatnot  for you to peruse. There's also the option to order any of the images from my site as a print if you fancy.

And thats more or less it! There will be more stuff here in future. Perhaps in different forms than normal. Wait and see I guess..... wait and flipping see.