Sunday, 25 March 2012

Cardigan Heart

So I've released a new book! Cardigan Heart was drawn/written/coloured at the start of this year as a distraction from the chilly winter months and an outlet for the stories swirling around my head. The book (OK. Its a fancy zine) features short stories, some just a page and some are spreads, told through pictures and a few words which makes it a departure from Toska which was just image based. For me, this feels like a tentative step in a direction I'm really interested in. I guess it ties in with the Solo diary project in that respect, being about small snippets of life and general awkward honesty. 

  I'm pleased with it. As pleased as I allow myself to be at least and I hope you can humor me a little in this wee experiment. You can order the book HERE it'll start shipping this week with some kind of bonus freebie thrown in for good measure! 

If you want to get your hands on a copy and you're in the fine city of London you can pop by Pick Me Up at Somerset House where I will be ALL WEEK. You can find me in the Many Hands room faffing about, occasionally chatting to people and even more occasionally drawing. If you come by on tuesday of this week I'll be making some zines, on the spot, off the top of my head and you can join me in that venture if you fancy!

Monday, 12 March 2012

Pick Me Up 2012

News! In just over a week I will be taking part in this year's Pick Me Up exhibition at Somerset house alongside my spectacular Many Hands cohorts. We will be filling a room with prints and products for you to browse and maybe buy as well as running some small workshops and demonstrations during our stay. I'll have new prints and a new book and some other smaller products too. I'll do a post next week to show you all my new stuff once its all finished. If you're in London Pick Me Up is well worth a visit and there are some amazing folk taking part this year. On the 27th I'll be doing a wee zine workshop so pop by then if you fancy scribbling some pictures with me.

In the meantime I'm closing my shop from Friday as I won't have time to package and post orders whilst I'm doing the show. I'll reopen at the start of April so if you want anything this month act now!

Saturday, 3 March 2012

In addition

To bolster the rambling meanderings of my previous post here are a handful of 
 illustrators that, I think, say something.