Friday, 29 August 2008

Sing Statistics Running Amok

Running Amok no. 26 is now available to buy from Analogue and it's rather a fine one (as they all are ). Mainly filled with views of town and country we also managed to slip in this chap who we're rather fond of.

Thursday, 28 August 2008

The Night Life of Trees

I love these wrist worms by Smosch (aka the wonderful Sandra Juto). Those colours look so wonderful together.

Julie at Analogue showed me this book the other day. Its by three artists of the Gond Tribe of Central India and is filled with incredible drawings of trees each accompanied by a short paragraph of folklore. The entire book is screen printed on nice black paper. Definitely a future purchase I think. There are more photos and things at Book By Its Cover (who i forgot to mention a couple of weeks ago when they posted an interview with us)

ALSO! We're running pretty low on copies of 'I am the Friction' now (which is wonderful and baffling) so if you're still debating a purchase I reckon you should take the plunge (seriously. its a great book. really)

This is Not A Song About A Train (thank god)

So yesterday I slogged through the nine hour journey back to Plymouth for a couple of weeks at home before term starts back in Edinburgh (final year! final year!). With my ipod deciding not to cooperate I decided to have a play around with scraps of scans I could find on my laptop and came up with the above image. I'm really quite pleased with it so far though it needs some tweaking. From here on in I shall only work on trains.

I'm off to End of the Road festival in a couple of weeks which I'm crazy excited about. The line up is flawless and the setting is amazing, i cant wait for the mountain goats, bowerbirds, bon iver, david thomas broughton and Akron/Family (and pretty much all the others. Seriously that line up. Swoon).

Stuart Kolakovic made a rug. Yet another reason why he is one of the most awesome illustrators in the UK. Head to his etsy shop for the rug and many other printed treats.

Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Natural Disasters

This is a little zine that I knocked up really quickly. I've only made four copies so far and I'm heading home today so perhaps I'll make some more when I get back down south and stick them on etsy when I'm done.

Sunday, 24 August 2008

Upward Over the Mountain

An image for a zine I'm working on for my own entertainment. It feels good to be working fast and without any particular direction beyond the need to fill 20 pages.

As August draws to a close it finally seems ok to be swooning over autumn clothes. I love autumn (and the day when it is finally acceptable to break out the winter coat). This years autumn collections are looking really really exciting.
A.P.C (whose menswear is also pretty ace) , Gap and Toast seem to be rollling out my dream wardrobe this autumn. Oh and Wiksten by Jenny Gordy is looking beautiful too (the alison skirt and handwoven scarf combo is perfect). Alas having just moved flat I am painfully aware that my wardrobe is extensive enough as it is and so I shall have to try and cobble together outfits from what I have as, like Rosie, I'm imposing a shopping ban for a while.

Tonight I'm off to Calton Hill to see A Midsummer Night's Dream with a friend. All I've seen of the festival thus far has been straightforward comedy so I'm much looking forward to a bit of theatre.

Saturday, 23 August 2008

Throw From Your Window Your Record Collection

OK first up some nice things for your ears. Eagleowl are an Edinburgh based trio who peddle some seriously lovely musical wares and recently released their first EP as part of the Retreat! music festival. The EP (pictured above) is amazing and absolutely perfect for evenings and culminates in one of the nicest songs you will ever hear (fact!). Anyway I did the lettering on the cover (which was then lovingly goccoed by the band on my little gocco printer, all 500 copies) and the pattern for the CD comes from a poster that we did for them a while ago. Its a great EP and easily worth the £5 asking price.

Our fine friends Woodpigeon have just released yet another record (mainly for their canadian cohorts) for which we supplied the artwork. Woodpigeon pretty damn reliable when it comes to fulfilling the whimsy quota on record so their alarming prolificness is actually quite a good thing. It was on sale but now I cant find it..aha! yes i can go HERE to get a copy (buy the REAL cd version not the MP3! i=Its all lovely and screen printed on a nice cardboard origato sleeve. well nice).

There are a couple more releases coming into the world bearing my silly drawings soon. very soon.

Thursday, 21 August 2008


I am now very much back in Edinburgh (its raining and there are festival goers everywhere) after a very wonderful trip with Jez to Stockholm (abovand then Paris. I'll probably post bits and pieces from the trip intermittently for a while but for now I'm trying to assimilate my enormous collection of tat into my new flat and attempting to get over the excitement of my first ever Tiny Showcase print and t-shirt combo (below). Argh! Tiny Showcase! AMAZING!

I have tonnes of work to be doing as well as wanting to sneak in a few festival treats (although I'd be perfectly content just to leave it at the two flawless shows I've already seen by the Penny Dreadfuls and Kristin Schaal) and catch some more of the mini Retreat! festival going on in the Scottish Scullery.

Also! 100th post! Win!

Monday, 18 August 2008


Hello! I'm taking advantage of a brief period of internet to say that something very exciting is happening tomorrow night on Tiny Showcase and it may just have something to do with my work. And t-shirts. Maybe.

I'll be back to blogging very very soon. Hurrah!

Sunday, 3 August 2008

Holiday time

Yes! I'm off to Stockholm tomorrow and then back to Edinburgh by way of uh...Paris (not the most logical detour but definitely the most fun). Amazing! I am dangerously excited and I've vastly over packed on the clothing front (and also too many cameras) but who cares! Holiday time! Hurrah.
Anyhow I'll be back to my regular blogging habits when I get back around August 26th (maybe before if we can fix up internet in the new flat but thats highly unlikely).


Friday, 1 August 2008

The colour and texture in this image for chronicle books by Grady McFerrin are perfect. I've loved McFerrin's work since a friend bought me one of his Stephen Malkmus poster a couple of years go and I really like the pattern work he's been doing recently. Have a look!

Awesome animation
! Yeah!