Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Natural Disasters

This is a little zine that I knocked up really quickly. I've only made four copies so far and I'm heading home today so perhaps I'll make some more when I get back down south and stick them on etsy when I'm done.



This looks captivating!

Anonymous said...

Looks great - do let us know when you have more!

rob said...

i'd like one too!

Anonymous said...

this looks nice!

i've been seeing your work all over the web for the last few days, all in random places. i like it when thing seem to be pointing all in the same direction.. so i just bought the i am friction book.

i like your things a lot.

Lizzy Stewart said...

thankyou everyone!

to rob- you're an illustrator! in plymouth! my gosh. I'm currently at home in plympton, i was completely unaware that there were people making nice work down here. good stuff.

something vague- thankyou so much for buying a copy of friction. i hope you like it.

rob said...

plymouth it's true, go have a look in the new quite huge triangle looking building around the uni campus, illustration has a whole floor... but i'm not sure what's in there right now

Cecilia Levy said...

those illustrations are amazing!

Anonymous said...

ohhh, i hope my shopping ban ends soon because it seems there are a plethora of lizzy-stewart-related-gems that i am eager to lay my hands on!
i am currently thinking of a few nice norwegian things to parcel up and send you in thanks for helping my bare room look a little less so (le sacre coeur hangs above my bed, i looove it.) i can only apologise for my sloooooow speed, but will definitely be in touch soon :)

Miss McLeod said...

Ok crazy, you are actually my drawing twin, except much more skilled and talented. I was just marveling at all the similar things I have drawn as you (as well as similar line drawing style) and here is this building, which I drew a picture of yesterday!

And thanks for the crazy russian house posts too. Very helpful for a school project!

Colouring Outside The Lines said...

I have been asked to compile/curate a comics exhibition as part of January 2009’s ‘Zinefest’ at The Women’s Library, London.
Due to the nature of the event, it has been decided that this exhibition shall focus on artwork found within comics zines, and self-published comics.

The exhibition will contain whole zines, blown up pages from individual zines, and original artwork from creators.
The exhibition is to specifically focus on UK female comics zine creators, to celebrate and recognise tremendous home-grown talent.

I am writing to you to see whether you would be interested in contributing to this exhibition?

If you are interested, and I hope you will be, there are a few ways to get involved:

1) Send a copy of any comics zine you have made that you would like to feature in the exhibition (both current, and past zines are all welcomed – there’s no date/age specifications)

After the exhibition, all zines will be added to the Women’s Library Zine Archive, and details of the zine will be added to the online zine database, for others to view. If you are happy for your zine to be a part of this archive, please include a note of the date, and place of publication so that it can be correctly archived.


2) Send a particular (blown up?) page from your zine(s)/online zine that you would specifically like featured in the exhibition


3) Zinefest is part of a broader ‘magazines’ exhibition being held at the Women’s Library in January called ‘Between The Covers’.
As part of the zine artwork exhibition, I invite you to submit a piece of original comics artwork - drawn especially for zinefest - on the theme of magazines and zines -- eg. a drawing or strip perhaps around a personal experience with a magazine/zine in some way (good, bad, funny, inspirational, etc. as a child/teen/adult etc.) This could even be a piece about an inspiring feminist magazine or zine you have read.


4) As part of Zinefest, there are many workshops and skills-sharing events occurring throughout the day.
I am asking for individual creators to send me written hints and tips, and ‘how to’ advice to include within the exhibition from comics zinesters to inspire and encourage the further creation of comics zines in the audience.
There is the potential for these ideas, hints and tips to be incorporated into the ‘zine making 101’ workshop to be held at the beginning of the day [get in touch too if you’d like to speak as part of this workshop, from a comics zine perspective].
Also, there will be general tables/supplies left out during the whole day so that anybody can make mini-comics and zine pages, so any hints and tips you can offer will be useful for individuals starting from scratch.


5) Send me details of anybody else you think would like to be or should be included in such an exhibition who I may have overlooked.

Full details of the event:

Zine Fest!
Saturday 24th January 2009, 12pm-4pm

The Women's Library,
25 Old Castle Street
London E1 7NT


Email me for an address to send any zines, artwork, individual pages to:

Between The Covers exhibition details: ibrary/whats-on/exhibitions/forthcoming-exhibitions.cfm

Women’s Library’s Zine database: ecollections/printed-collections/zines/zine-index.cfm

- -

Many thanks for reading, I hope we can create a terrific exhibition really exploring all the amazing comics zines that we create.

I would love to hear from you, if possible, by the first couple of weeks in December 2008 so that we miss the Christmas rush!

All the best, Melanie xox