Sunday, 24 August 2008

Upward Over the Mountain

An image for a zine I'm working on for my own entertainment. It feels good to be working fast and without any particular direction beyond the need to fill 20 pages.

As August draws to a close it finally seems ok to be swooning over autumn clothes. I love autumn (and the day when it is finally acceptable to break out the winter coat). This years autumn collections are looking really really exciting.
A.P.C (whose menswear is also pretty ace) , Gap and Toast seem to be rollling out my dream wardrobe this autumn. Oh and Wiksten by Jenny Gordy is looking beautiful too (the alison skirt and handwoven scarf combo is perfect). Alas having just moved flat I am painfully aware that my wardrobe is extensive enough as it is and so I shall have to try and cobble together outfits from what I have as, like Rosie, I'm imposing a shopping ban for a while.

Tonight I'm off to Calton Hill to see A Midsummer Night's Dream with a friend. All I've seen of the festival thus far has been straightforward comedy so I'm much looking forward to a bit of theatre.

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jenuine said...

lovely image, you use pencil really nicely. i've got a list of projects including a few zines, but i've been too all over the place of late to get anything done for them!

i think autumn is my favourite month, especially indian summer-esque autumns, where it's fine to wrap up warm but it's still beautiful & sunny. i often dress too cosily in summer, but i think it's just because a scottish summer is quite notoriously bad.