Saturday, 23 August 2008

Throw From Your Window Your Record Collection

OK first up some nice things for your ears. Eagleowl are an Edinburgh based trio who peddle some seriously lovely musical wares and recently released their first EP as part of the Retreat! music festival. The EP (pictured above) is amazing and absolutely perfect for evenings and culminates in one of the nicest songs you will ever hear (fact!). Anyway I did the lettering on the cover (which was then lovingly goccoed by the band on my little gocco printer, all 500 copies) and the pattern for the CD comes from a poster that we did for them a while ago. Its a great EP and easily worth the £5 asking price.

Our fine friends Woodpigeon have just released yet another record (mainly for their canadian cohorts) for which we supplied the artwork. Woodpigeon pretty damn reliable when it comes to fulfilling the whimsy quota on record so their alarming prolificness is actually quite a good thing. It was on sale but now I cant find it..aha! yes i can go HERE to get a copy (buy the REAL cd version not the MP3! i=Its all lovely and screen printed on a nice cardboard origato sleeve. well nice).

There are a couple more releases coming into the world bearing my silly drawings soon. very soon.

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I really love this artwork! I'm inspired...