Thursday, 28 August 2008

This is Not A Song About A Train (thank god)

So yesterday I slogged through the nine hour journey back to Plymouth for a couple of weeks at home before term starts back in Edinburgh (final year! final year!). With my ipod deciding not to cooperate I decided to have a play around with scraps of scans I could find on my laptop and came up with the above image. I'm really quite pleased with it so far though it needs some tweaking. From here on in I shall only work on trains.

I'm off to End of the Road festival in a couple of weeks which I'm crazy excited about. The line up is flawless and the setting is amazing, i cant wait for the mountain goats, bowerbirds, bon iver, david thomas broughton and Akron/Family (and pretty much all the others. Seriously that line up. Swoon).

Stuart Kolakovic made a rug. Yet another reason why he is one of the most awesome illustrators in the UK. Head to his etsy shop for the rug and many other printed treats.


jenuine said...

the mountain goats! this must be the festival my boyfriend was talking about, as he's dying to see them. sounds swell!

mieke willems said...

what a nice nice nice rug!