Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Shiny Squirrel Interview

There's a wee interview with me over on Shiny Squirrel, can't promise that it'll be particularly interesting but there's some new work there if you want to look!

Sunday, 26 April 2009


Edinburgh has been spectactularly lovely this weekend. Good job Edinburgh! You truly are the best place to live!

Friday, 24 April 2009

'The heat can melt your brain'

Its a gloriously sunny, warm day in edinburgh. Not that this photo shows it! This view from Calton Hill was hazy in the sunshine. Anyway the heat has addled my brain so this is undoubtedly going to be a bit of a miscellaneous post!

The lovely lovely Seiko Kato is currently staying with us and she made me this beautiful wee hair clip! That ornate flower bit is from the inside of a clock! Anyway she has just opened her own Etsy shop which I suggest you investigate for more antiquated goodness.

How much do I love this image by Erin Harrison? I dont know. But its quite a lot.

Oh no. I am so flipping in love with pretty much everything in Dara Ettinger's etsy shop. All the money I have is currently being pumped into boring degree show things (like frames and paper and printing) but I can guarantee that if I was feeling flash this would be the first plave i'd go.

Monday, 20 April 2009

Carson Ellis & Unity Coombes

There's a great interview on The Morning News with one of my absolute favourites Carson Ellis.
Alongside the interview is a more than generous helping of new work by Ms Ellis including the breathtakingly beautiful (and slightly creepy) image above and this splendid reworking of one of my old favourites. Well worth a look I'd say.

Oh! and I've been meaning to mention illustrator/printmaker Unity Coombes' work for a while. She does lovely lovely drawings of birds and ladies and endearingly girly things that make me want to put flowers in my hair and sit in a field. (p.s she has a shop). Her flickr is the best place to view her work.

Sunday, 19 April 2009


There are only five of my Baker's Dozen prints left. Head over to the Baker's Dozen shop to get your hands on this super limited edition print and plenty of other lovely stuff curated by Amy.

Busy, busy week coming up but hopefully soon I'll have some exciting stuff to report. In the meantime hurray! I got a merit award in the 3X3 Student Illustration Awards so I'll be in their forthcoming annual and exhibition. Lovely stuff.

Friday, 17 April 2009

Nora And Bear

So it'll be a bit sporadic from me for a while. Work and whatnot. So for now here is a spread from Nora And Bear, a children's book I finished a while back. Nora and Bear are best friends but its a bit of a secret. So they have to do a lot of hiding! Its pretty groundbreaking stuff!

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Folk Art and uh...twitter.

I've been pouring over this book over the last few days trying to take in all the beautiful textile designs and patterns. Above are a few of my favourites. I've also been drawing a few of them.

Oh dear. At the start of the year I swore I wouldn't join
twitter but alas I've caved. Follow, what will undoubtedly be, some rather dull updates on what I'm up to here.

Monday, 13 April 2009

Boats & Bathing Beauties

Hello. I hope everyone had a lovely Easter weekend. I've been drawing and painting and scanning as usual, the degree show hangs in one month! No time for a break for me. Oh no! I've been trawling through Shorpy for nice things to draw (mainly 1920s ladies in wonderfully unattractive bathing suits). Whenever I'm stuck for things to doodle Shorpy is a surefire place to find something wonderful. Like this crazy boat. Or the lovely ladies above, drawn at the weekend.

There's some beautiful stuff on The Good Machinery's site. Nice collaborations with Caroline Gaedechens (one of my favourites) and lots of nice cold colours and inky blues.

We've been playing with THIS all weekend (needs flashplayer.)

OK now to work! Its going to be a pretty intense month i think!

Saturday, 11 April 2009


I've just added ten new custom prints to my shop. Five custom 'Flower' prints and five 'Nikolai Sutyagin's House'. All are handpainted, signed and numbered. Hurrah.

Thursday, 9 April 2009

Grey Gardens

Grey Gardens is one of my favourite films. Its bizarre and funny and horribly sad, a fascinating film. When I heard a that the original documentary was being remade into a film with Drew Barrymore and Jessica Lange I was aprehensive to say the least. How would two beautiful hollywood types pull off the ridiculously eccentric Edie and Little Edie? However I just saw the trailer (via Kitsune Noir) and I reckon they may well have succeeded. Drew Barrymore seems to have nailed it in every way, the similarities are astounding. I'm really excited to see this now. If you havent seen the original documentary I strongly recommend you track it down (and also that you listen to the song 'Grey Gardens' by Rufus Wainwright. Just cos it's nice like).

Tuesday, 7 April 2009


Spring is officially rearing its head in edinburgh (daffodils! blossom! sunshine!) and in celebration I have a new springy print in my shop. Its a four colour dealie and only $15. Win!

Head to over to my etsy shop to get hold of one

(fun fact, the drawing is a very basic response to a line by Theodore Roethke 'I knew a woman, lovely in her bones'. Now you know)

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

The Wanting Comes in Waves

I'm knuckling down and powering through in the final month and a half before degree show hand in (the actual show is in June) so when I'm not working its nice to have good things to look at. Like these etsy treats....

Naomi Murrell's lovely wee bird brooch (nice prints),

Painfully nice repurposed leather bags from HoakonHelga,

Cute sleepy raindrop minature by Ashley G

(and lots of delicate niceties from tree&kimball)

p.s the blog post title comes from the new Decemberists album. Which is awesome.