Wednesday, 1 April 2009

The Wanting Comes in Waves

I'm knuckling down and powering through in the final month and a half before degree show hand in (the actual show is in June) so when I'm not working its nice to have good things to look at. Like these etsy treats....

Naomi Murrell's lovely wee bird brooch (nice prints),

Painfully nice repurposed leather bags from HoakonHelga,

Cute sleepy raindrop minature by Ashley G

(and lots of delicate niceties from tree&kimball)

p.s the blog post title comes from the new Decemberists album. Which is awesome.


donna said...

i'm listening to it right now.. for probably the ten hundredth time. it is awesome.

Anonymous said...

(gasp) i want them all

amy said...

oh that top photo! i studied in that building at the eca a few years ago, the graphic design level :) nice wooden doors.