Monday, 30 March 2009


My sister and her boyfriend are staying with us at the moment. On saturday we went to the Museum of Childhood, because it's the kind of slightly sad, dusty museum that my sister loves. I seem to take everyone there. Anyway its worth a look, simply for the room of creepy dolls (hilarious) and the beautiful, victorian dollshouses. I want to wear the clothes that this wee doll is wearing and live in that lovely little house.

ovely lovely links....

St Judes Notebooks

Beautiful Jewellery by Amy

Nice Necklace by FlightPathDesigns

Sometimes I am an architecture freak. This Sliding House is incredible.


hellojenuine said...

i haven't been to the museum of childhood for years. i think i'm due a visit.

i get paid tomorrow & i'm going to have a hard time resisting your recommendations.

rynke said...

Hahaha, I like the 'slightly sad, dusty museum' part :)