Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Bears & Monsters

There are a few films coming out soon that I'm really excited about but few more so than this one. Directed by Spike Jonze and co-writted by Dave Eggers is there anyway that this can fail? I guess we have to wait till Autumn to find out. But for now this beautiful poster will definitely do for me. (poster via Kitsune Noir).

Rob Hunter has some wonderful work. I love his use of colour. Its really rich and lively. Also the abundance of Bears hasn't gone amiss. Bears are so awesome.


yasu said...

wow the film looks wonderful. well the poster is! i thought you did that( looking at the handwriting:)

blythe said...

I found your site through Baker's Dozen, and love your style. I'm working on a little 'tribute'/review blog post of sorts right now, to post on my blog and let people know about you! :]

all that to say, keep it up!

pRiyA said...

your sketchbooks and photographs are really terrific. thanks for sharing it on a slideshow.

Anonymous said...

oh, wonderful. I'm curious about that movie for a long time too!
And the bears are so nice :)