Monday, 23 March 2009

Oh Pauline!

No posts for a few days largely due to the lovely weather. It's been unfathomably warm and sunny here the past week. This was the meadows on thursday evening. Long, long shadows and surprising dusky warmth. I love Edinburgh when it's like this. There is no better place to be when its sunny.

At last today I got my hands on my Tiny Showcase letterpress print. Its so nice to be able to feel the wonderful letterpress texture. There are still 31 prints left over at TS.

I've been practicing my editorial illustration skills this week. This one is for a book review in the NYT for a book about Napoleon's sister, Pauline. There's another one to look at on my flickr.


janis said...

The top photo is inviting, I'd like to step right into that lovely evening.

Your illustration...beautiful as always :)

Melanie said...

what a creative lady you are. the top photograph is beautiful, the light is amazing!

marie said...

i love the bottom it a lithograph?
thanks for sharing