Monday, 2 March 2009

This is Bear.

As promised here's another image from that children's book. This is bear. He is Nora's best friend (see previous post).

Thanks to Guy Merrill of
Man Make Home for including me on his list of 'Best British Illustrators' on the design*sponge guest blog. Argh! I have been listening to too much of This American Life today. It's highly unlikely that you havent heard of the show but on the off chance that you haven't its a nice thing to have going in the background.

P.S Jez and I are off to Krakow on Thursday, have you been? Any tips would be hugely appreciated!


grant likes jam said...

hi lizzy,

iv followed your blog for a wee while and i totally love your illustrations! going to dundee uni's art college in sept for another crack at student life haha (did architecture for a few years) and thinking about studying illustration myself. anyway i see that you are off to krakow! been twice- absolutly amazing. i stayed in the jewish quarter the second time i went and it was great. you should totally check that area out- lots of cute little pubs and a lot of "themed" ones that are situated in the square there and surroundung area. Theres a cuban themed one, a propaganda one where thers lots of newspapers and cameras and all sort of "junk" on the wall. we dubbed another pub "narnia" as you go through an actual cupboard to get into another room haha! magic! some nice little restaurants near the synagouge there aswell (spelling is terrible im sorry) and an awesome bagel shop- a must. Sorry i dont have names of places. If you get a chance to do a little drinking try a tatanka- bison grass vodka and apple juice (sometimes with a sprinkle of cinamon (cuban bar served it this way)) It is lovely! Also in the jewish quarter there is a really sweet, old fashioned absenthe bar and they serve it to you the proper way- fire and all haha and to buildings town there is the david hasselhoff bar- cocktails aplenty. Hope that is of some use to you and i look forward to hearing of your adventure. Grant

P.S. sounds like i did a lot of drinking on these trips but it was a uni trip and we did see some of the sites- its a beautiful city and so romantic at night. A walk round the Planty is very magical at night.

Deb said...

i like Bear. he is very nice. ejoy your trip to Krakow. dx.

janis said...

Hi Lizzy,
I think Bear will make a wonderful friend for Nora :)

This American Life is a great show and have been listening to it forever!

...and, add an "er" to Krakow and that's how my husband got his last name. Have a great trip!

mike said...

Hi lizzy! Im a big fan of your works, they are beautiful! I was in krakow last year. It is the most beautiful city i have ever been to. Yeah, the old jewish part of town, Kazimierz, is beautiful. Really really magical. Spend as much time there as possible on foot and take lots of pictures(preferably film :). Check out the Galicia Jewish Museum just off of the square in Kazimierz, the photographs of chris schwartz, if they are still on exhibit are absolutely mind blowing beautiful.

P.S Im very jealous of you guys...

Anonymous said...

I <3 Bear! Bear is great!

Lizzy Stewart said...

thanks everyone!

and thanks to grant and mike for the travel tips!

Anonymous said...

ah lizzy he is great! very excited about seeing how the story develops :)