Sunday, 26 April 2009


Edinburgh has been spectactularly lovely this weekend. Good job Edinburgh! You truly are the best place to live!


amy said...

i miss it so much.
lovely photos.

Rebecca Volynsky said...

Hello there-

These photos are absolutely brilliant...and make me want to move to Edinburgh ASAP. I'm currently studying graphic design and printmaking at Boston University, but hope to transfer by my third year...hopefully to the Edinburgh College of Art.

Could you possibly tell me a bit more about the area? It seems like the art work over there is magnificent, and that there's a super rad art scene.

Take care,


Lizzy Stewart said...

hi rebecca,

edinburgh is pretty awesome. i love it and can only endorse living here. there's a fairly active art scene with a few small, independant galleries really pushing new artists. hurray.

the course at ECA is ok, quite traditional and there's plenty of freedom. if you're after an intensive course with lots of proffessional input and stuff though then maybe its not the best choice! if you have any questions email me at

Rob J said...

I have never been but these are beautiful

Anonymous said...

I've been there last year and I loved it! It so beautiful... lucky you living there!

Melanie said...

wow! amazing!!