Friday, 24 April 2009

'The heat can melt your brain'

Its a gloriously sunny, warm day in edinburgh. Not that this photo shows it! This view from Calton Hill was hazy in the sunshine. Anyway the heat has addled my brain so this is undoubtedly going to be a bit of a miscellaneous post!

The lovely lovely Seiko Kato is currently staying with us and she made me this beautiful wee hair clip! That ornate flower bit is from the inside of a clock! Anyway she has just opened her own Etsy shop which I suggest you investigate for more antiquated goodness.

How much do I love this image by Erin Harrison? I dont know. But its quite a lot.

Oh no. I am so flipping in love with pretty much everything in Dara Ettinger's etsy shop. All the money I have is currently being pumped into boring degree show things (like frames and paper and printing) but I can guarantee that if I was feeling flash this would be the first plave i'd go.

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Sanna Dyker said...

Those necklaces are gorgeous! What a lovely blog you have too :)