Thursday, 21 August 2008


I am now very much back in Edinburgh (its raining and there are festival goers everywhere) after a very wonderful trip with Jez to Stockholm (abovand then Paris. I'll probably post bits and pieces from the trip intermittently for a while but for now I'm trying to assimilate my enormous collection of tat into my new flat and attempting to get over the excitement of my first ever Tiny Showcase print and t-shirt combo (below). Argh! Tiny Showcase! AMAZING!

I have tonnes of work to be doing as well as wanting to sneak in a few festival treats (although I'd be perfectly content just to leave it at the two flawless shows I've already seen by the Penny Dreadfuls and Kristin Schaal) and catch some more of the mini Retreat! festival going on in the Scottish Scullery.

Also! 100th post! Win!


Anonymous said...

congratulations on your 100th post! and i'm so glad you enjoyed sweden! i can't wait to go, i'm considering christmas but i really feel it would be a sin not to make it earlier than that.
and i really would love to see my boyfriend in one of your mary ann tiny showcase t-shirts, and will be getting onto him about it this evening! in fact, i even want one myself, it's absolutely one of the sweetest t-shirts i've seen in a long time, i hope i'll be placing an order soon (once i'm over my self-imposed shopping ban, or can persuade someone to treat me, ha ha!)

Anonymous said...

that dress in the top photo looks super sweet, by the way!

jenuine said...

how incredibly swell! congrats on tiny showcase, as well as a certain something else, that i read is to be unleashed unto the world next week! i won't say what, as you haven't said yet, but russell told me about it when i spoke to him some weeks ago, you'll know what i mean. exciting!