Thursday, 19 January 2012

Inspiration stations!

So! In the spirit of recapturing my blogging glory days I thought I'd do a wee post about whats inspiring me at the moment....

Cornelia O'Donovan has been on my list of favourites for a long while. She's done a load of really lovely stuff recently.

This exhibition at the Wellcome Collection featuring an array of strange old charms and amulets, each with its own strange significance. Its small and free and definitely worth your time if you're kicking about Euston. It also prompted a total change in direction for my master's course major project. More on that soon-ish. 


Music! Over the last six months I've had a few records on constant rotation by some pretty awesome ladies. Wye Oak (above), Lia Ices and, of course, the unstoppably incredible tUnE yArDs who I'm very excited to be going to see again next month. 

And finally this lovely sketchbook image from Grady McFerrin. I've had (and adored) a Stephen Malkmus poster by him years and whilst I love his more polished style there is something about this inky wonder that makes my hand itch for the paintbrush and some urgent splashing.


Trade Your Talent said...

Lovely images!

DaisyBisley said...

Thanks for sharing, I love the images!