Saturday, 20 September 2008

'Knock Loud I'm Home'

I'm borrowing the map that jez used to illustrate the fact that we have just travelled halfway across the country from our respective family homes in South Devon to Edinburgh where I'm due to start my fourth and final year at ECA and Jez is freelancing from our nice new flat. Its good to be back. Yes it is.

A photo of my cat? Alas I am truly tragic. Anyhow I just a new camera and I was playing with my (very old and very grouchy) cat before I left so here he is. My sister is convinced he is going to die whilst we're both away at Uni and whenever she leaves home she asks him not to.

Finally...Andrew Holder has all sorts of incredible illustration skills and I am sad to be in the wrong part of the world when his new show 'Neon Frontier' takes place in the Hibbleton Gallery in California through October. The poster looks ace and is surely representative of all the wonderful things he'll have on show.

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Anonymous said...

grouchy cats always have the best personality, my old cat had claws that could rip chunks out of most people (and occasionally did) but he'd climb over your shoulder and lie there like a huge grey scarf with an attitude problem, oh i miss my cat!
lovely that you are back in the toon! hope all is well with you!