Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Church As A Witness

Finally developed some of my holiday photos. Flickr yo!


Anonymous said...

lovely picture, lovely lyrics, lovely place!! my parisian friend constantly tells me about the dark side of Paris, but I can't believe a word of it, I just love it there!

Lizzy Stewart said...

i get really bad amelie vision in paris, refusing to see the seedier, grubby bits and whimsying all over the place off my face on joy. paris!

fiona said...

oooh that site is now very familiar!! our hostel looked right out onto sacre couer! AND i got my very own copy of un lion a paris! i found it in a bookshop, hooray! i went past the cafe from amelie this morning too. how exciting. i too am a victim of amelie vision... i just can't help it..