Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Me Violin and Dancing Bear

A little bit of work from our first mini project back at college. The project was a bit of a weird one and involved a lot of making things out of tin foil and cardboard and shuttlecocks but our group also managed to squeeze a bit of drawing in. Above is a bear who may or may not live in the grassmarkets in edinburgh. He lives there because of the ready access to vintage clothing.
Hmm. Ok its a bit of a rushed one. And yes. Its another bear. Sigh. One. Trick. Pony.
(I like the scarf though)

On a related not. The view from our lovely studio.

I'm not completely sold on the bow trend. I think its too easy to render yourself ridiculous by sticking a bow on everything you own but I am quite taken with this yellow bow necklace from V for Vintage. It would look pretty cool over a plain t shirt.

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hellojenuine said...

lovely image, & don't stop with the bears! because they're ace. i'm stuck on trees & houses currently.

back to school, final year! how exciting. i was so envious of your view when i came to visit the show, it's lovely. we had no view as we barely had windows!