Sunday, 26 October 2008

Record Year for Rainfall

Its been a fairly miserable weekend here in Edinburgh, horizontal rain, stormy winds and bitter cold made for a fairly quiet couple of days so I've been collecting nice things by way of a distraction.

Wonderfully wintery smocked necklaces from Tinctory.

La Cabane Perchee build the most beautiful treehouses in the world. I've always wanted a treehouse and any one of these would be absolutely perfect thankyou!

There was a great storque round up of folky things on etsy the other day.

AND on the off chance that anyone didn't see this when it cropped up all over blogs a few months back 'My First Crush' is a wonderful wee video by illustrator Julia Pott (who sells some amazing temporary tattoos in her shop)


Flora D said...

Amazing necklace indeed!

Esti said...

thanks for the necklace link... and I agree, julia pott's work is great.

bubbles said...

I've never seen a necklace like that. Very cool.

<3 treehouse, too!

Jane Solomon said...

You were supposed to make ME a tree house.

Lizzy Stewart said...

jane i've made you a treehouse. you can have it if you come back to edinburgh. aha!