Wednesday, 6 February 2008


Here's the first of two pieces i've framed for a collaborative exhibition that starts next week at ECA. This is actually a fairly old image that I had always had a soft spot for and really wanted to use. I'm really glad that it'll see the light of day, it makes me sad when works spends all its life shut up in a portfolio. Hopefully I'll get the other piece finished and framed tomorrow. Thats the plan.

This evening I have been writing an essay. Mainly this means that I've been trawling the internet for things to do that are not my essay. In doing so I found this. Things will never be the same knowing that this cardigan exists. It's flawless. And expensive.

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Cassiemarie said...

I saw that cardigan and swooned as well, but I've now got my eye on a much cheaper alternative from Old Navy--
It is similar, and still very cheery. :)