Sunday, 2 August 2009

Festival Build Up

(jez enjoys our new rooftop view)

Evenin' all. Its very nearly festival time here in Edinburgh. The tourists are flooding in and the streets are filling up. It takes progressively longer to get from one end of the high st to another and its only going to get busier! argh! Saying that the festival is always an exciting time up here and we've got tickets to a few exciting shows. Are any of you heading to the fringe this year?

Anyway here's some nice stuff.....

Animation 1 from jaakko ghostbuster on Vimeo.

Jaako Pallasvuo does amazing work. I love his recent animation experiments. (via AAA)

I would really like this supercool bathplug please (though it is perhaps a little pricey. for a plug). From Panik.

King of all he surveys Stuart Kolakovic has just done this AMAZING book cover for 'Along the Enchanted Way' by William Blacker. If you don't check Stu's blog go and have a look at all the awesome work he's being doing lately.

Illustrative Young Illustrators Award 2009

Have you bought a copy of 'We are the Friction'? No? You should. Its well good.

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