Monday, 7 December 2009

Land & Sky among other things.

Do you live in/near Bristol? Perhaps you fancy a Bristol based holiday in say...January/Febuary? If so please please please come by the Here Gallery between 22nd Jan-27th Feb to see an exhibition by myself and the marvellously talented Christopher Bettig. It's called Land & Sky (as the poster says) and will feature a load of new work from the pair of us (and maybe a few older bits too) and there'll hopefully be plenty to buy too! I'm very very excited.

If you in the US/Asia/Eastern Europe you have until tomorrow to order stuff from my shop in time for Christmas! If you're in the UK/Central Europe you have until the 16th as after that I shall be heading south for a family Christmas. I added a couple of new cards last night and there's the usual collection of prints and zines and some bags left too so best get shopping!

P.S thanks to anyone who came by Magpie Market on Sunday, especially to the rather enthusiastic girls from 1st Year at brightened up our afternoon!

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