Thursday, 2 December 2010

Living Things Vol. 1

If you head over to the Little Otsu site today you might see a super exciting announcement involving yours truly. The fantastic Portland based purveyors of all things printed have launched a new series of books called 'Living Things' and I did the first one! It's called 'A guide to Eastern European Wildlife' (although it probably won't actually be that useful as a factual guide) and it features 16 brand new illustrations (8 full colour). It's up for pre-order now! YEAH!


Dasha said...

they don't ship to Russia
too bad :(

Clara said...

Just ordered it! You drew my favorite animals, so I had to get it. It will make a nice Christmas present for myself!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to you. It both looks and sounds marvellous. And what a great project to work on too. Bravo!

be well, g

Lizzy Stewart said...


i'll have some soon and i'll be able to ship to russia!

julie said...

congratulations - beautiful work
love your blog too!