Thursday, 17 May 2012

Five Days in Berlin

 I visited Berlin last month as part of a school trip with Central St Martins. Whilst there I kept a sketchbook/diary, as I always do when I go away, and I've collated every page from the book into a zine. Its not edited or touched up so its a bit rough and ready and the drawings are all over the place (the writing is worse) but if you're interested its available to buy here.


Gunseli S. said...

Lizzie, your work is so inspiring to me!

Gunseli S. said...

and I realized that I've misspelled your name, sorry for my inattention. :/ (you can erase this one)

Sarah said...

Hello Lizzy,
First off, great work, as usual.
Er, second thing is probably a bit odd of me to ask but I seem to remember you once went boating in Union Canal in Edinburgh? I live in Edinburgh (also go to eca - which is how I found your blog many moons ago) and have been trying to find out how to go about this but cannot for the life of me figure out where you are supposed to hire a boat? I do not want to hire a 32 seater canal boat, internet. If you see this comment/have time to reply I'd be very grateful for your help!

Lizzy Stewart said...

Sarah! boats! you need to walk along the canal to the boat house. if you join the canal at viewforth and keep walking you'll get there eventually. there's a cafe on a barge and opposite is the boat house, manned by mumbly old men. you can rent row boats there for £5 an hour. or least you used to be able to! only on sundays though.