Saturday, 30 June 2012

Summer in London

Thought I'd update a bit on what's been going on with me here in the fine city of London.

I recently moved into the lovely OPEN Studio where I'm sharing a desk with my arch nemesis Ping Zhu (not really! she's flipping ace). We've only been there a couple of weeks but so far its been super. I'll try and share some pictures of our desk once we get it 'just so'.

This past week favourite folks Jez Burrows and Eleni Kalorkoti were in London which meant walking a lot, eating a lot and not really doing much work at all. A glorious week all told. (above Jez and Eleni enjoy some tasty poster design at the London Transport Museum. Nerds.)

I'm all done with Uni for the summer and will be heading back in Autumn for the second half of my masters course. Plans are brewing, ideas are evolving. I'm looking forward to it. Above is something I did this term, more a starting point or an experiment than a finished piece (probably worth clicking on to see it better, its a bit long and thin!)


michness said...

Wow that is so beautiful! I'm such a huge fan of your work. I'm studying Honours in Illustration in South Africa but hoping to come over to the UK for a year or so. Do you mainly freelance or work with specific clients? xx Mich

Lindsay Grime said...

Great stuff, your studio looks fantastic!

ZoƩ said...

Gorgeous studio! :)