Friday, 3 May 2013

May Drawing Sale

So! In an alarmingly small number of days I will be handing in all my work for my Masters Degree at Central St Martins. This means that in June I'll be part of the degree show exhibition and in order to not totally disgrace myself I'll need to fork out for a tonne of printing over the coming month. So in an attempt to raise some funds for that I'm selling off some drawings and paintings.
  As usual If you're interested in purchasing anything send an email to lizzy (at) and include where you live so that I can work out the postage. I'm afraid I can only take payment via paypal. All work is signed and wrapped in cellophane to keep it clean. 

'Arm Chair' Pencil  £35

'Shrub Cat' Watercolour SOLD

'Swimmers' Watercolour SOLD
'Daydream' Watercolour £30

'Sit Down' Watercolour SOLD

'Gare du Nord' Ink SOLD

'Esther' Ink SOLD

'House' Watercolour SOLD

'Wrapped up' Watercolour £30


Peter H. Reynolds said...

You should add at least a zero to the end of your prices! Love your work!

lisanne said...

nooooo i wanted gare du nord :(

Julia said...

Oh! I got late for the swimmers... bummer! :(

MarĂ­a Blanco said...

Beautiful drawings, especially the cat one :P