Friday, 9 August 2013


First things first this book is an experiment. There are flawed bits and good bits and bits that are almost what I wanted but not quite and bits that are better than I expected. Its mostly me having a go at something and not always succeeding. But its good to try eh? Its not strictly a comic or even a book of illustrations; each 'story' is more like a vignette than anything truly developed. I've done more writing in this book and that feels a bit risky because its not something I've ever really done publicly, so you'll have to excuse lazy sentences and repetitive structural habits. I'm finding my feet. 

Secondly yes, its mostly about love, or forms or love- having it, the memory of it, the want of it. And I realise that, especially with the diary comics, I do a lot of this sort of thing at the moment but I suppose, I guess, thats what I like. So you'll probably have to put up with it or get bored and walk away. 

Finally this book is about real people (though that doesn't really mean that its all true). In many cases they are people I am very fortunate to know. In writing and drawing about them I am trying to articulate how they've all left a dent (in me) and how I am proud of each dent and scratch, because they are the best people I've known. So. There we go.

Minnows is available now from my shop. The first 50 orders also get a little painting, because I'm nice sometimes.


HelloSweetcheeks said...

How wonderful! Congrats on a lovely, finished project!

Lisa Buckridge said...

Hello my book arrived today - I only ordered it yesterday! Brilliant. Thank you for sending a copy to me so quickly. I am very much looking forward to having a sit down and read.

I really do enjoy your stories .. oh and thank you for the little fish painting.



StaceyFacex said...

It's lovely, I like your comments with it - makes it very real :)

Claire said...

Just got mine today - and I love it!!
Can I ask - did you produce it yourself, or did you use somewhere like blurb?
I only ask, as a friend is looking for ways to publish her book of haikus.
Many thanks x