Monday, 26 May 2008

Best Knowledge

I am celebrating the arrival of my copy of Hall of Best Knowledge by the incredible Ray Fenwick. I haven't had the chance to plunder its depths yet but the bits that I have skimmed have, thus far, been completely charming and incredibly well written (both word wise and, of course, in terms of lettering.)

I am also celebrating the presence of a nice new belt with a lovely plastic buckle. Hurrah.

Last week we (the third year students) helped the fourth years set up their degree show. Once all the running about fetching hooks and wire and velcro it was a bit of treat to get a first look at the show all done. There's some really great work and I am hugely impressed with the drawing skill on show. I think that it can be rare on contemporary illustration courses to have such a big focus on straightforward drawing but it's great to see. I think over the next couple of weeks I'll post a few of my favourites so first up is Emily Sutton. Alongside some wonderful drawings Emily has also been making some great 3D pieces with my favourites being in the Highstreet Sculpture project. Each doll has its own distinct (and recognisable) personality and charm. Below is my absolute favourite, I love his jumper.

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