Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Gocco Love

Last night I embarked on a bit of a gocco marathon. I love gocco far too much. These are the results. Available to buy from etsy. Of course.

As well as doing a straight run of two colour gocco prints I also did seven of these one colour prints that I've watercoloured so that each one is different. If you fancy an (almost!) one off piece of art then they are also available from my etsy shop.

The image comes from this. Which i'll do a thorough post about soon.


Anonymous said...

your wolf dream gocco prints are lovely; it's a fascinating little process, i'd love to get hold of a print system sometime! i may find myself visiting your etsy shop soon, your prints are all so lovely!

shopping in stockholm will be fab, enjoy every minute! i will be on a strict budget this summer, that i will no doubt entirely disregard as soon as my heart melts at the sight of something desirable!

Kate said...

They look so lovely....I haven't been brave enough to go near my gocco seems so daunting i don;t know where to start!