Sunday, 1 June 2008

Brighton Degree Show

I've just got back from a brief (far too brief) trip to Brighton to see the University Degree show so I thought I'd share some of my favourite bits and pieces.

Sophie Kern's illustrations are wonderful in every way. Based on inuit folklore and mythology they mix really nice, bright colour with black and white photography and beautiful markmaking to make something really haunting and other-worldly. I am phenomenally jealous.

I've been using one of Verity Keniger's lovely bear bags for a few months now so it was nice to see a bit more of her work on show. I love the above piece about the anniversary of Haley's Comet. Verity's screen printed posters are pretty ace too.

Seiko Kato's dolls were simutaneously endearing and terrifying but indisputably amazingly well made. I cannot even begin to image how much time it took her to make so many.

Finally of course my favourite graphic designer and video game nemesis (why can't i win?) Jez Burrows of the unstoppable Evening Tweed (and the almost as unstoppable Sing Statistics). Above is the book cover he designed for the Penguin Design awards (he came second in the competetion. because he is ace) and the postcards he's giving out at the show (lovingly gocco-ed by ourselves long into the wee hours). I would have posted this because I love it but the entire world has already blogged the hell out of it.

Head to the gdi08 to see work from all the Graphics & Illustration graduates.

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