Friday, 13 June 2008

A Year in Design

I usually try really hard not to post what Jez has already posted on its nice that (its cheating) but today I am feeling tired (thankyou flathunting!) and a bit lazy. SO today I offer you supercool collective Neon Gray. There's some really nice bookwork on their site but its mainly the above image that caught my eye. Called 'A Year in Design' this image really does some up this years rather persistant design trends.

Speaking of the young Mr Burrows you should check out his second place entry (and all the other shortlisted entries) in the Penguin Design Award. I am totally awestruck that Nick Hornby ("my favourite book is stil Cash by Johnny Cash") has nice things to say about his work. I'm so proud.

I'm working on a rough for a children's book (I'm not a children's book illustrator by any means, I'm trying to stretch myself a bit) so maybe i'll post some of my roughs up very soon. I might be in need of some helpful criticism, this really isn't my forte!

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