Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Shameless Plugging

I'm organising a gig next friday and in the vague hope that someone who's not one of my parents and is based near edinburgh is reading this I thought I'd give it a bit of a plug. Anyway....
Friday June 20th at the Ark (Waterloo Place) from 7.30pm its School of Language & Meursault. Hurrah!
Meursault are a local treat who mix folky ukuleles and banjos with postal service style beats and glitches. It's lovely, understated stuff.
School of Language is the new project of David Brewis (of the once splendid Field Music). More experimental but equally as endearing as his first musical outlet School Of Language sees Brewis looping vowel sounds and playing every instrument under the sun to create frustrated melodies that are utterly charming.
Please come. Its only £6 on the door and we (I say we...i'm trying to bulk it out...I mean I) will be playing some lovely tunes in between bands. It'd be lovely to see any blog readers. If they exist.

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