Sunday, 15 June 2008

I love this textile design by Kristina Collantes. Her site is full of intricate line work and really well considered colours. The circle work is wonderful too.

Quick note to say that this week sees the replacement of my wall painting at Analogue. Thanks to all of you who've been to see and who've said kind words. I really appreciate it. And of course a colossal thankyou to Russell and Julie for inviting me to trash their nice white wall (fools).

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Anonymous said...

i first saw kristina collantes' work a year or so ago, but somehow forgot all about her whilst her site was initially being set up. i'm so glad that you posted her site and reminded me all over again! i first fell in love with an amazing textile piece she made, and her illustrations were always so fantastic, lovely lovely lovely!

i also have to say, i love the children's book illustration you posted a few days ago: charming!