Friday, 27 June 2008


Last night we watched Lukas Moodysson's 'Together' which is easily one of my favourite films ever and remains as heartwarming and endearing as ever even after a fair few viewings. If you haven't seen it its well worth a watch especially if you have some good people around to share it with and maybe a bit of abba to play in the background.


Anonymous said...

I absolutely adore this film, and once watched it three or four times in a week! I studied it as part of my course last year, and couldn't think of a more interesting film to pick to glorious little heart-warming pieces!

jenuine said...

it really is a brilliant film, i remember not really knowing what to expect, but my boy & i loved it. may be one to purchase next i think.

Lizzy Stewart said...

it makes me happy that both of you like it too. we have impeccable taste. Goran playing football is the most wonderful i have seen on screen.
Rosie! I am jealous that you got a mooka kinney dress. If i wasnt alarmingly tall i'd love one. alas it is not to be.
Jen! I saw your stuff at D&AD. It looked great! Your little tea monsters are dead sweet. Good stuff.