Saturday, 7 June 2008

More from ECA

What with fleeing to Brighton and then Berlin I have neglected my plan to post my favourites from the ECA illustration degree show. SO I'm going to get back on track now with some amazing work by Alice Duke. Though not usually the kind of work I'm drawn to Alice's digital paintings are astoundingly accomplished and completely absorbing. Definitely a refreshing break from the kind of work that usually comes out of ECA. Alice also has a blog where she scares sketches and explains her working process. Good stuff.


Loving the hazy photos on Sally Jane Vintage

Dreaming of the beautiful clothes from Mine

and enjoying dreamy colours at Forms & Shapes (below)

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Calimero said...

I have just seen Alice Duke's work at the eca - last day - just made it - I'm so glad I did. Her illustrations are some of the very best in the show. Beautifully drawn with imagination and and ridiculous skill they stand out even in among the many fine examples of illustration on display. I loved her sketch books and she oozes talent. Certainly a girl to watch out for.

The work in the illustration department was the highlight of the eca this year.