Thursday, 26 June 2008


Yesterday I made it to that Tim Walker exhibit I mentioned last week. It was completely wonderful and inspiring and good. Like looking at your favourite songs manifest in hazy, saturated reality. Sigh. A perfect opportunity to post two more of his flawless images.

We also went to the Penguin offices on the Strand to attend the Penguin Design Award prize giving so that Jez could get his second prize treats. The penguin offices wouldn't be such a bad place to have to work. The view from the Balcony pretty much took in every single one of London's thames side landmarks, which was a bit of treat on a sunny evening.

Also at the Penguin awards was Sophie Elm another of my favourite recent ECA graduates. Her super feminine, old fashioned print designs and lettering style made for the most summery degree show I'm sure ECA has ever seen. Surely it won't be long before she's the next Angie Lewin. Or better!

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