Wednesday, 11 June 2008

t shirts

So yesterday I began the seemingly endless process of clearing and packing my stuff to move out of my current flat (not that we have yet found a new one but its good to get a head start.) Anyway in emptying boxes and drawers I found that I still have a few of the t shirts I made for the Village Fete in March. If anyone fancies a shirt you can have one for £5 and the cost of postage. Each shirt is hand printed on lovely, soft American Apparel and there are three sizes available (Women's Medium is green, Men's Medium is Brown and Men's Large is Blue). If anyone fancies buying one (or maybe swapping one for something?) just get in touch.

I realised that I haven't posted a sketch or a piece of my own work for a wee while so below is a drawing I did ages and ages ago for one of the many Woodpigeon we've worked on. It was just a rough and ended up being quite far from the one we used but I found it yesterday and I quite like it. There we go

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jenuine said...

i'd like to claim the brown shirt for my boy (i hope he doesn't read this). how would you like to receive the pennies? i'm becoming rather a fan of your work.

i'm not moving flat, but i'm not looking forward to transporting all my materials & collected junk from the studio back home. it took eleven trolley trips when we had to move studios in april!