Sunday, 14 June 2009

Illustration Graduates 2009. No. 9 & 10

OK I'm going to wrap this thing up real soon and get back to regular posts about nonsense! But before that I'm going to show you the work of Norwegian illustrator Trine Mangesnes. I have a real soft spot for Trine's super energetic work which combines the urgency and drama of work by folk like Ralph Steadman and Ronald Searle with a exciting printmaking and a bit of Scandinavian charm. Her book 'Moose and the Peculiar Bird' is one of my favourites in the show for sure.

Lindsay McBirnie is another children's book illustrator graduating this year. Her book 'Blobfish' (above) is a definite winner for kids and her illustrations of David Bowie lyrics are really fun (below). Lindsay is one of the few painters on our course and her skills with a brush are pretty enviable. Her giant 'drinking' paintings are fascinating and impressive.

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