Sunday, 6 September 2009


Dear Shuh. I would very much like these boots. Please make them in a UK9 for me. KTHXBYE. X

(will post properly later. apologies for erratic/flakey blogging)


hellojenuine said...

they are BEAUTIFUL. if you need encouragement in buying them, i am here to assist.

my sister works at schuh, i have yet to take advantage of her discount.

Lizzy Stewart said...

they are indeed. they are my dream boots. alas i have stupid man feet they dont go up to my size. another winter in converse for me. sigh.

Anke said...

Oooh, I'm not the only one with big feet! The shoes are lovely.

Fran Waddell said...

Dear Lizzy I feel your pain so had to comment I too have large uk9 feet and find it really hard to get nice shoes! I saw these in River Island I know they're not exactly the same think they're a rip off of All Saints ones but alot cheaper!!!

ps I love your illustrations keep up the good work!