Thursday, 18 February 2010

Thursday night things.

Love the colours on this old fortune magazine cover. More here.

Are Sandra Juto's neck worm scarves the most beautiful in the world? It really is quite possible!
My very last ever sacre couer print is available in my etsy shop now.

Kid Casting is one of my favourite tumblrs.

I'm off to London next week for work things/friend things/birthday things. I'm looking forward to it very much. If by some wonderful twist of fate you are the kind of person that might commission illustration and you wish to see me and my portfolio then do get in touch!


erin / atlantictreefox said...

that cover is really something to look at.

Fräulein F. said...

Oh, this sticker is really gourgeous- like all of your drawings. Happy stay in London!

Sarah Anderson-fan of doodling said...

This may be my new fave blog. just gorgeous! so lovely!

Chloe said...

all the pictures on your blog are so cute.